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Ensure the safe delivery of your materials by securely fastening them to pallets. Take advantage of our reliable shipping services and guidance to avoid any potential additional charges.

Comply with the highest standards of environmental responsibility by shipping all materials in full compliance with CFR 49 State and Federal Waste Recycling Regulations. Trest our expertise to help you navigate these regulations and ensure a smooth and eco-conscious shipping process.

Experience seamless logistics with our reliable pickup services. Stay on track with your schedule and avoid any additional costs by notifying us in advance for any adjustments or rescheduling needs.

Payments and Pricing

Stay ahead and maintain a smooth financial process by ensuring timely payment of your invoice. Take advantage of our convenient payment options and avoid any potential late fees that may be incurred.

Pricing is personalized

Protect your scrap recycleables and ensure the safe shipment of batteries with our specialized guidance and solutions. In the event of damaged, defective, or recalled batteries, our expert team is here to provide the necessary expertise and ensure a smooth process. Additional charges, tailored to the specific battery chemistry, may apply to guarantee their secure transportation processing.

Experience accurate pricing that aligns with the exact weight of your shipment. Our commitment to transparency ensures fair and competitive rates. In the event that the actual weight significantly deviates from the original estimates, our flexible pricing model allows for necessary adjustments, but could change the rate you pay or the value you receive.

At Battery Recyclers of America, we understand that your shipment needs may evolve. Our pricing model is designed to adapt and accommodate changes to ensure you receive the most accurate and competitive pricing possible. Should any adjustments be necessary due to variations from the original description, our team will work closely with you to provide transparent and fair pricing. Experience the flexibility and customer-centric approach that sets us apart in meeting your evolving shipping requirements.


Recycling Documentation

You can expect to receive a Certificate of Recycling via email, typically within 30 days of us receiving your shipment. This document serves as a testament to our commitment to environmentally responsible practices and your contribution to sustainable waste management.

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